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Wire Rope

High-Performance Lubrication, Corrosion Prevention and Protection

Grignard is the leading provider of specialty wire rope lubricants and corrosion prevention compounds with proven technologies to customers around the world. Our wire rope solutions are engineered to provide unmatched performance for a wide range of applications—from suspension bridges and tower guy wires to deep sea umbilicals and ski lifts at major resorts.

The products shown here represent just a sampling of what we can provide. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and Grignard will provide a solution for your application.


Black Diamond

Ski/Aerial Tramway Wire Rope Lubricant
and Corrosion Inhibitor


Reverse Thixotropic Penetrating
Wire Rope Grease

PreLube 6

Penetrating Wire Rope and Chain
Preservative Lubricant

Grikote Z Complex 2C

One-Part Multiple Barrier
Corrosion-Resistant Paste


Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger/Neutralizer/Lubricant
and Corrosion Inhibitor


Multipurpose Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) / Corrosion
Inhibitor / Penetrant

OLL 52.5

Corrosion Inhibiting Grease for
Extreme Conditions

PreLube 19

Non-Sheening, Penetrating EAL Wire Rope Preservative Lubricant
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