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Transit & Fleet Operations

Grignard has more than 40 years’ experience serving public and private fleet operations—including three of the five largest transit authorities in the U.S. They rely on Grignard for product consistency, quality, performance, and dependability to meet their ever-changing requirements. Grignard provides solutions for a variety of transit and fleet cleaning and maintenance applications for trains, buses, subway cars, trucks, trailers, and other vehicle fleets. We back up every Grignard product with comprehensive technical and compliance support.

We perform extensive third-party testing to ensure Grignard solutions meet or exceed all technical, compatibility, green procurement/environmental compliance, and union and OSHA worker safety requirements. Our logistics expertise and supply chain capabilities ensure the right products are always delivered at the right time.

Products by industry


Precision cleaners and degreasers that do the heavy work.

Water Treatment

Struvite and Scale Removal Solutions
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