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Custom Product Development

Grignard specializes in developing custom formulations to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Let Grignard chemists innovate a solution for your project.  Our on-site R&D and staff chemists have the expertise and experience to create innovative solutions to meet your needs.

See our Product Development Methodology

Expert, on-site R&D

Grignard has an advanced R&D lab staffed by experienced chemists in our New Jersey manufacturing facility. Let us know what you’re trying to achieve and our chemists can develop a solution that meets your precise requirements and specifications.

Experienced Compliance

Our custom solutions are analyzed by Grignard chemists and fully tested to ensure they meet or exceed all applicable OSHA and environmental regulations. We provide all required documentation, as well as comprehensive compliance support.

Unmatched price/performance

Grignard solutions are engineered to deliver superior performance and greater value. Grignard chemists can develop a solution to meet your precise performance and price requirements.

Need assistance? Call us today at (732) 340-1111 and speak to a Grignard specialist.

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