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Struvicide™ Soak

Struvite, Vivianite and Calcium Removal Solution

STRUVICIDE™ SOAK is a proprietary, biodegradable, organomodified solution that quickly and effectively attacks and dissolves blockages of struvite, vivianite, and other mineral buildups in process equipment, heat exchangers and piping. Struvicide™ SOAK is the fastest acting removal technology available to remove blockages and buildup quickly, improving pressures and flow rates.


Calcium Carbonate


* Product available in 5 gal, 55 gal and 275 gal tote

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Product Details:

  • Dissolves minerals including struvite, vivianite and calcium – from pipes, exchangers, valves, centrifuges, sludge tanks, screw presses, and other areas of contamination
  • Reduces costs – Reduces plant maintenance, extends component lifespan, reduces equipment downtime, and eliminates costly disruptions to treatment process. May be diluted with water and still maintain a high efficiency rate
  • Fast acting – Utilize for soak or recirculate processes
  • Contracted Services – utilize Grignard’s experienced personnel for a turn-key solution for your mineral removal following Grignard’s assessment and execution procedures
  • Heat Exchanger Technical Support – call or email us for technical support and dilution rates

Industry Applications:

Water & Wastewater Treatment

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