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Wire Rope and EM Cable Lubricant

StranCore is formulated as a corrosion inhibitor and lubricant for wire rope and umbilical cable maintenance applications. StranCore is applied as a topical coating that will penetrate into the cable over time leaving a thin film on the crowns of the wires and deposit corrosion inhibitors inside the cable.
Strancore outperforms greases by penetrating into the locations that cannot be visually inspected, displacing moisture and forming a barrier film to prevent future moisture penetration.

Automatic Application: StranCore may be applied with the CoreLube 2100 system. The CoreLube 2100 system thickens the product to reduce potential drippage and provides uniform coverage to the entire circumference of the cable. The CoreLube 2100 system will allow splices and other deformities to pass through the applicator without hindrance.

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Product Details:

  • Long Lasting Atmospheric and Tidal Corrosion Inhibition
  • Lubricates Wires and Metal Parts
  • Clings to Metal Surface Reducing Run-Off
  • Penetrates Between Wires into Valleys
  • Non-Flammable / No Solvents / Non-Toxic
  • Compatible With Manufacturers Lubricants
  • Extreme Pressure & Anti-Ware Protection

Industry Applications:

Wire rope

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