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DIRRECT Power™ Purple

Industrial Degreaser – Carbon Remover

DIRRECT Power Purple is formulated with a high concentration of carbon and grease emulsifiers and an aggressive pH to solve severe cleaning problems without the use of solvents. DIRRECT Power Purple is free-rinsing, and an excellent solution for removing soot residues, silicone oils, baked-on grease, medium to heavy oils, synthetics, road and engine debris, chain lubricants, and other common difficult-to-remove contaminants.

* Product available in 5 gal, 55 gal and 275 gal tote

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Product Details:

  • Effective for a wide range of difficult cleaning operations
  • Water dilutable for economical usage
  • Biodegradable – Non-hazardous, non-toxic, no fumes, no phosphates
  • Safe on aluminum, zinc, moly, chrome-moly, brass, copper, bronze, steel, stainless steel, composites, carbon fiber, and more.
  • Free rinsing, leaves no interfering residues
  • Excellent performance with manual or ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • User safe—complies with OSHA and all safety regulations

Industry Applications:



oil & Gas

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