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ClearView 100

Hard Water Stain Removing Paste

ClearView 100 is a non-hazardous, pumice-based deep-action scrub that goes below the glass surface to polish away hard water stains and leave a clean, clear, like-new appearance. It is formulated for Stage 1, 2, and 3 hard water stains.

* Product available in 5 gal, 55 gal and 275 gal tote

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Product Details:

  • Ultrafine polishing compound
  • Removes stage 1, 2 and 3 hard water and rust stains/mineral buildups
  • Best-in-class performance for stage 3 severe stains
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic
  • May be utilized with an automated buffer or by manual application
  • Excellent for all severe stain cleaning operations, regardless of contaminant
  • Specially engineered cleaning pads prevent damage to glass surfaces during polishing operations for stage 3 hard water and rust stains/mineral buildups
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Industry Applications:


Transit & Fleet Operations

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